Read carefully our school regulation and contribute to our effort to implement every point of it. Itís our pleasure to hear your advice and suggestions. Be sure that the results of a co-operation like that are always excellent.

Our buildings are specially tailored to schools. The classrooms are comfortable, air conditioned and pleasantly furnished.

Keeping up with the needs and the messages of our days our school offers its students complete study programs in three foreign languages: English, French and German during the winter and summer period.

The registrations are held in September and the school year lasts approximately eight months. (beginning of September Ė end of May) The summer period starts in the middle of June and finishes round mid August. In the middle of August we stop for a few days. So, children and teachers as well as parents have the opportunity to enjoy a short holiday before the beginning of the winter period.

The selection of the books is done responsibly and methodically after a detailed familiarization on new teaching methods. Our teachers attend special training seminars and they visit foreign language book exhibitions that take place in Crete or Athens. We examine carefully the new editions and we value them having in mind the quality of knowledge they offer, the needs and the standard of our students. We try to create small groups. However, with less than three children, the school has the right not to create a group. The various teaching aids that we offer to our students (computers, multimedia, video etc.) get them in touch with all the aspects of the language and make the lesson more pleasant and relaxing.

We believe that daily check and frequent tests help the teacher to spot the weaknesses of each of their students. So, they are in the position to help him/her separately, whenever and wherever he/she needs. Every two months, written and oral marks on every subject are giver by the teachers, which are registered on the computer. We also give the opportunity to the parents to be informed regularly, responsibly and thoroughly about their childrenís performance on every teaching subject.

Reports are given three times a year. The first report refers to September, October and November. The second report refers to December, January and February and the third one, March, April and May. The third report includes the results of the final exams. The mark base that allows the students to move up to a higher level is 13. However, our aspiration for our students is to have more than 14 because only then we can guarantee a nice and regular progress on the learning of the language. The same mark scale corresponds to the other languages as well.

According to our school regulations, the final average is a promotional mark and provided that the averages of the subjects are also promotional marks, then the students moves up to a higher class/level.

If the final average is a promotional mark but in the marks analysis of the subjects, the student is re-examined written in the particular subject to improve his marks, if he/she wants. If the re-examination mark is promotional, then the student moves up to a higher level.
If after the re-examination, the marks are still not high enough, then it is suggested to those students to attend the revision programme of this particular subject.
The class is repeated without any re-examination process either during the summer or during the winter period when the final average is more than 3 points lower than the pass work (10 with a base of 13).
Our aim is not to disappoint the children. You, parents, should help them understand that methodical study at home and their participation during the lesson ensure high marks and complete knowledge. We are always willing to help with every problem that might arise during the school year.

Our students take part in all exams of Greek and foreign teaching Institutes for the acquisition of certificates. After the announcement of the official results, a period of about 2 months intervenes, until the original certificates are sent, which are awarded to the successful students.

The school has a computer network, so the students of the higher classes can get into Internet and collect any useful information they need to complete their homework, or even use the net to send or receive e-mail.

There is a rich lending library with books for all levels. Students should continually borrow books to read in their spare time or vacation.

These relations must rely on mutual respect, love and understanding. Students must respect and appreciate their teachers, who always with a good will and love work and do their duty. Not only the students but also the teachers are obliged to follow faithfully the school regulations.

a) Our studentsí obligations

To attend the courses regularly and to always bring all their books and notebooks which the parent or guardian must regularly check.

To study their homework.

To behave at school and to remain quiet and careful during the lesson.

Insults and mockery towards a classmate or the teacher are strictly forbidden. This can be a reason for expulsion from the class or even from the school.

They should keep the school clean, because a nice school makes us all feel proud and spend pleasantly the hours we are in it.

Chewing - gum, refreshments and mobile phones are strictly forbidden in the classrooms.

In case a student has to leave before the end of the lesson, he/she should bring a written permission by his / her parent or guardian.

Students must be in school 10 minutes before the beginning of the lesson. Never earlier because they prevent the normal function of the previous classes.

Stay in the schoolyard and not to disturb the neighbors.

The teacher has the right to expel the student who disturbs the lesson from the classroom.

b) Our teachersí obligations

The obligations that our teachers have vary and are equally important to those of our students.

To love and respect every student.

To be always willing to help the children that has a problem, even if this has to be done during the teacherís break.

To make up for the hours which are lost for some reason.

To be always consistent in the time the lesson starts and to come 10 minutes before the lesson.

To deal with all the students and not only with the good ones.

Never reprove, even the most negative child, during the lesson or in front of the other children.

They have to aim at conversation with the child or his / her parents for a problem, right after the lesson.

Their teaching should be simple and pleasant, modern and comprehensible.

To inform the office about the students that are absent and when they come unprepared.

To hand in the studentsí marks in time.

To attend educational seminars and visit exhibitions regularly.

We always ask from parents to have frequent contact and close co-operation with the management and teachers. In this way we are helped in our effort to face a problem that any student might have.

We inform parents to correspond in time to their financial obligations towards the school. For the normal function of a school strict financial organization is needed.
When, for any reason, a student wants to stop his/her studies, he/she must inform the school management in advance, at least ten days before, so that the fees should be arranged. Otherwise the school demands the whole amount of the fees. The student that changes address or telephone number must inform the management.