The educational centers «ALEXIA STEFANAKI LEKAKI»
apply to:

Children of A & B class of Primary School that want to begin learning a Foreign Language in time.

Children of Secondary & high school that wish to aquire strong foundationand to speak the language they like.

Candidate undergraduate of foreign

Our school, for 25 years, has been trying to offer high quality teaching, having:

Convenient and modern facilities

Pleasant environment

Air-conditioned classrooms

Modern teaching aids and teaching methods (computers-multimedia)

Small groups of students in the classrooms

Excellently & strictly selected teachers, graduates of Greek & foreign universities.

Teaching programs-travels abroad

Insurance coverage

Our school supplies your child with all the necessary advantages on Foreign Languages!

Our students prefer starting a foreign language from A nd B class of Primary School because:

They learn easier in an early age

They have their first certificate at High School

They can begin a second language at High school


Our teachers continually attend teaching seminars about the new teaching methods and they are always kept informed about the development of foreign teaching.

Our students practise on computers, by doing tests and practice with grammas exercises.

We frequently and at any moment inform the parents about their children’s progress, absences and tuition fees.

Our students take part in Panhellenic Exams of Foreign Languages “PALSO” and in the exams of foreign Univarsities and Intitutes. CAMBRIDGE, MICHIGAN, TOEFL, IELTS, DALF, DELF, GOETHE, SORBONNE.

The objective of our school is always the high standard of foreign language teaching to the students.